Karwan M Ali

Topics: Kurdish people, Iraq, Kurdish language Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Karwan Mohammad Ali

Kurdish culture
Kurds Culture Is a group of distinctive cultural traits practiced by Kurdish people. The Kurdish culture is a legacy from ancient people who shaped modern kurds and their society. kurds have many type of culture like clothes , dancing , foods , ect …. Kurds have their own national attire. The women usually wear colored dresses. These dresses differ from area to another area. One can tell from which province or city a certain lady is by looking at her dress. As to the men , they have the (Shalushepik) or (Renguchox) a sort of baggy trousers (Shirwal) with an upper shirt. Round the belt they tie a long piece of cloth. The men also use (Shashik) or (Cemedani) with a (Claw) on their heads. Kurds love dance and they have hundreds of folk-dances like Shekhani,Dupey , Larzok and ect. The music usually have speedy tact and high tuned. They mostly use the "Zurna" (kind of flute )and "Dahol" (Drum). While kurds also enjoy melancholic (maqams) or ballads that usually tells about events from the past. Kurds food can vary by region and even by family , none of the food was served in fancy platters or with any garnish or silver tongs. It was just good food .served right out of the pots from the stove. That's some type of kurds food… There were four different kinds of Rice , Plain white basmati rice , Saffron rice and a Bryani (spiced rice with cloves and all-spice) , There was " yaprakh " or better known as "dolma" grape leaves and onion stuffed with rice , dill ,garlic , onions and in this case , lamp , Kube it ground meat wrapped in rice. Finally , Kurds culture vary rich of any sides and it is famous culture in the world, therefore we...
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