Karma Vipaka

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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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“erÉÉæÌiÉwÉÇ”, even in the modern age has managed to secure a place in the hearts and minds of people regardless caste, creed and colour. May it be unscientific, scientific, a belief or a disbelief, but no one has successfully escaped from its influence. Hence, it totally makes sense in studying and understanding its influence in a more superior, well-explained and well-laid out method. INTRODUCTION-

As the influence told above is certainly and clearly effective and subject to experience, it is our concern to look into one of the finest and yet undiscovered concepts of “erÉÉæÌiÉwÉÇ” i.e. “MüqÉïÌuÉmÉÉMü:”. “MüqÉï”, as known to everyone denotes the good and bad deeds of a human being. The deeds irrespective of good or bad are certain to put forth a result product. That result is what actually humans are made of. This long process can be termed as “ÌuÉmÉÉMü:”. THE NEED FOR RESEARCH-

Every person is made up of his own good and bad deeds. While the good ones earn him all the comforts and bliss, the bad ones turn out in the form of various diseases. Just for an instance it is mentioned in Vagbhata’s “A¹É…¡ûWØûSrÉqÉç” that the euÉU is of mainly two types,viz. ÌlÉeÉ and AÉaÉliÉÑMü. The AÉaÉliÉÑMü too is again classified into four as AÍpÉbÉÉiÉeÉ, AÍpÉwÉ…¡ûeÉ, AÍpÉzÉÉmÉeÉ, AÍpÉcÉÉUeÉ. These classifications clearly mention that even bad and evil deeds committed by himself or by others end up in deadly diseases. This concept has been discussed in the “mÉëzlÉqÉÉaÉï” and other works of erÉÉæÌiÉwÉÇ stress on the different evil deeds committed in various births as the causes for these diseases and suggest suitable remedies. Nowadays, due to the advancement of modern medical inventions, it is almost possible to cure any disease. But, several hindrances in the modern medicine cannot be ruled out which makes it vulnerable in some peculiar medical...
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