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Karma is a story written by Khushwant Singh, who is an Indian writer, and it was published in 1989.

Karma is about a distinguished Indian man, Sir Mohan Lai. He´s well educated at the universe of Oxford. He sees himself as an English gentleman and fells superior to the normal Indian way of life. He is taking the train with his wife, a traditional Indian woman with Indian walluces. He is looking forward to the possibility of meeting “other” Englishmen on his train ride, and to all the intellectual conversations they will have. Two English militarymen enters his coupe, but they are not interested in sharing it with an Indian man. They throw Sir Mohan Lai and his luggage out of the train and down on the platform. They don´t see his distinguished English ways, and they ignores his fancy oxford accent and judges him as a simple nigger, just like he judges his fellow Indians Sir Mohan Lai:

Sir Mohan Lai sees himself as an English man, because he lived in England while he took his education, at Oxford University. He looks down on other Indians who are not as “English” as him, even his own wife. He is very fond of himself, and describes himself as a distinguished, efficient, handsome man.(l.25) Theme:

The racism in the storey is showed to us form to sides. We see the obvious kind of racism in the scene, where Sir Mohan meets the two soldiers at the train. They only see the color of his skin, and reacts instantly, by throwing him of the train. They even call him a nigger. This kind of racism is an out spring of the English colonialism in India. When they came to the India they saw the Indians as unenlightened wild people, who desperately needed to learn the English way of life. And thereby became secondary citizen in their own country.

The other kind of racism we see in this story is the racism between the Indian people. Sir Mohan is distancing himself from everything that is Indian and takes on a false English identity, including the English racism...
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