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  • Published: February 4, 2013
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In the world today there are many capitalist countries and very few communist countries (classless society).Hence a classless society is not attainable in that many years ago, there were a lot of communist countries but the number instead of increasing has reduced over the past years. Classless society: According to James Fiester (378), a classless society is a class where there are no social classes. It is attained through class struggles. There are basically two main classes, the capitalist (bourgeois) and workers (proletariat).A classless society is attained due to conflicts between these two classes. There were conflicts because capitalists gave low wages to workers. This generally made the capitalists wealthier and the workers poorer. Upon the workers realizing that they were being exploited, they would launch an uprising against the capitalists which would lead to workers taking over from the capitalists (owners of means of production).hence forming a classless society which is called socialism. Capitalist according to Tom Rockmore (48), the capitalist were the owners of means of production, Marx called them the bourgeois. According to Harold leiski, the capitalists were the people who owned the means of production and were in the ruling class, it is from this class that the ruling ideas came from. Capitalists in the modern world can be referred to as investors. Firstly going to give a brief explanation of classes, capitalism and classless society. Secondly I will explain how a classless society is attained according to Karl Marx. Thirdly I will show whether a classless society is attainable and sustainable. Lastly I will give a summary and bibliography. CLASSES According to James Fiester(379) in the history of classes, there exists class struggles because of the existence of freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, ,...
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