Karl Marx and Exploitation

Topics: Exploitation, Capitalism, Surplus value Pages: 32 (7976 words) Published: May 23, 2011
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(Received 11 January 1999; accepted 30 April 1999)


The discussion of the adequacy of Karl Marx's definition of exploitation

to a prior question: is a definition? Once we understand what attention has paid insufficient we will realise that it is resistant a "reference-fixing as offering in a model" definition Marx is offered here and it is of exploitation A more to certain general analysis objections. own definition is a particular that Marx's suggested a number moral of controversial makes assumptions. KEY WORDS: instance of the general analysis which











exploitation. type of moral

definition of supposed It has been questioned whether he intended to make out any use of the concept of exploitation; it has been argued that he have commented

on Karl Marx's

did but his definition fails; and, more rarely, some have argued that he does To of exploitation.2 broadly speaking give a correct moral definition there has been very little attention to what may be a prior my knowledge what is a definition? My case here is that when we pay more question: to different possible and when we come to attention types of definition, we will come to understand a fully general understanding of exploitation, that Marx's definition tions, given under conditions money purely its limitations. standard objec of exploitation is resistant to many It is limited to relations of economic exchange where there is no justified right to capital; that is, to earn property holdings.

in virtue of one's

1Much of this paper derives from my
Exploitation. Chris Hull. would Talbot 2 I should An earlier repeat here the thanks version

1985 University

of London MPhil
Cohen, W.D.


like to thank Brewer Some

given at the University of this paper was delivered on that occasion for valuable the participants discussion, and extremely has been helpful collected 1997) written and oral recent work in Kai Nielsen and in Andrew

to G.A.


and I ofVirginia and especially Ware

for his detailed

commentary. (ed.),

of the best (New

and Robert Reeve

Exploitation Jersey: to the papers collected in these Theories 1987). In addition (London: Sage, of Exploitation Ethics 91 (1981), pp. 207 with Exploitation?" "What's Wrong Richard Arneson, volumes, Journal Canadian and...
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