Karl Marx, an Inspiration

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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I can identify Karl Marx as the sociologist of my choice to whom I compare and contrast myself. Marx is a German sociologist, born on 5 May 1818 in Trier in Germany and died in 14 March 1883 in London (Wikipedia). He was a revolutionist thinker at his time. He influenced the next generations which made him in the position that some people consider his works as evil and others consider him as a leader. Marx believes that sociology is not a value free science according to Max Weber (Macionis, p 20). Instead sociology needs to lead to change .Like me, I also believe that sociology, and the study of society needs to lead us to find the mechanisms of the society. However, the most important task after we know the fundamental components of the society is to know the factors that will help us to change .As far as I am concerned, I also believe in change. Therefore you always see me trying to learn from my previous experiences and avoid making the same mistakes. I am trying to go further in my education. I will be graduated in December and get my Bachelor in Nursing. In addition, I am planning to enroll in Master Program in nursing next year. My favorite issue is how to change the self and the society .I oftentimes focus on reading books that will lead me to change myself and others. My friends know that I am a kind of person pushing them to go further in their education and make change in their life. For me without education, no positive change is expected in the society. It is the most important element for any improvement in every society. Moreover, like Marx, I believe that any intellectual person should be practical and get involved in the achievement of any change in his or her community. Another similarity, Marx believes that all the societies progress from the clash of classes, between poor and rich people. Marx predicts that Capitalism will have internal conflicts between lower class and wealthy class. This internal conflict will lead to self destruction...
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