Karl Marx

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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Akhil Chawla

English 10 Honors

Mr. Immler

May 17, 2000

The Life of Karl Marx

Karl Marx was one of the greatest thinkers ever. Studying law and philosophy, he became an important social philosopher and revolutionary. He influenced the lives of millions of people in generations well past his. A man of mystery in the democratic societies, Karl Marx led an interesting life of new ideas that would influence millions in the future.

Karl Marx was born on May 5th, 1818 (Karl Marx). He was the eldest son of Heinrich and Hennrietta Marx. He was born in Trier, Germany. Karl was the oldest surviving boy of nine children (Coser). Heinrich Marx was a very successful and well-educated lawyer ("Marx, Karl", Britannica). Both parents were Jewish and descended from a long line of rabbis. About a year before Karl was born, Heinrich and Henrietta converted. Karl's Jewish background brought him some prejudice ("Marx, Karl", Encarta). The prejudices, which he may heave experienced in his early life, may have brought him to question the role of religion in society, which may have influenced his desire for social change.

Marx was educated from 1830 to 1835 in his hometown ("Marx, Karl", Britannica). In October, 1835, he went off to college at the University at Bonn. Marx generally studied humanities (Coser). Marx left Bonn after a year and in October 1836. He then enrolled at the University of Berlin to study law and philosophy ("Marx, Karl", Grolier). Marx's studies were not his top priority here, and he soon found himself behind. He submitted an application to the university at Jena, which was known to have low standards in its academic requirements. Karl was accepted and received his degree in April of 1841("Marx, Karl", Encarta).

Marx was only seventeen years of age when he got engaged. He engaged to Jenny von Westphalen in 1837. Marx's parents were very opposed to the engagement because of Marx's young age (Basgen).

In January 1842...
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