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1)What is the qualification/specific Diploma you are enrolling on with DLC? I have enrolled on the Access to Social Work course with DLC. 2)Who are Open Awards?
NB: Open awards were formally known as the Open College Network North West Region. Open Awards create qualifications which are broken down into digestible assessment units for students. These qualifications can be delivered in a shorter time, than the traditional institutional learning methods because they are bite sized. Each course or qualification is broken down into units (Areas of learning and research) each unit has a credit value (score chart of how the credits can be achieved based on the quality of work). Each credit value is given specific outcomes of learning and there are clear assessment requirements towards earning maximum marks. 3)What is the role of the QAA?

QAA stands for the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. The QAA offer advice, guidance and support to (Higher) Educational providers on how to provide an excellent and quality educational experience to learners and how they can design support stream to students, based on previous good practice. QAA promote quality course delivery, inclusive and fair standards in Higher education.

4)How many credits make up an access course?
There are 60 attainable credits which make up a full DipHE, a student can work towards againing more points. 5)How many credits can be earned at a level 2?
The obligatory level 2 modules in the course English and Mathematics equivalent to GCSE’s (mandatory if not held already) make up a maximum of 15 credits from the full 60 credits. 6)What Level 2 qualifications must you complete before you can commence to a level 3? You must complete Maths and English level 2 before you move on to complete a level 3, all other modules with in the DipHE are at level 3. 7)How will you complete Tutor Observed assessments?

TOA’s are completed through a Skype call. The tutor will sit and observe the student sit their examinations in a controlled environment. 8)Who issues the certificate for the DipHE?
DLC make requests for certification to Open Awards twice a year, when Open Award certificates the completed work and sends it through to DLC , they will send the certificate to the learner. 9)PLEASE SEE THE FOOT OF THE PAGE

10)What does SAQ mean?
SAQ stands for Self Assessed Questions. At the end of each module you will have the opportunity to answer a series of questions which will review how well you understand the content of the module. These assessments are for your own personal assessment of your understanding of the course content. 11)Where will you find the module, unit and assessment units on the DLC website and how are they accessed them?

1.Click on the log-in page at the top right hand corner for the DLC Home page. 2.On the left hand side of the screen hover over the icon titles My Course Work 3.Click on the link title Course Assessments

4.There you will find a list of all the modules available and the units which they cover. In the module list you will also find assessments required for each module. Passwords will be given to the learner by the Tutor

12)What books are recommended that I should purchase for my course?

The Developing Child (International Edition) (Paperback) by Helen Bee (Author), Denise Boyd (Author) •Developmental Psychology (Introductory Psychology S.) by Ann Birch, Tony Malim •Social Psychology by Rob McIlveen, Richard Gross

Social Psychology by Graham Vaughan, Michael A. Hogg
Social Psychology by Donn Byrne, Nyla R. Branscombe, Robert A. Baron •The Developing Child (International Edition) (Paperback) by Helen Bee (Author), Denise Boyd (Author) •Theories of Childhood: An Introduction to Dewey, Montessori, Erickson, Piaget and Vygotsky (Paperback) by Carol Garhart Mooney (Author) •A Practical Guide to Research Methods: A User-friendly Manual for Mastering Research...
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