Karen Carlin Case Study

Topics: Chasing Lights, Typing, Work Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: October 25, 2012
To: Ms. Boyce, Chief Executive Officer
From: Student, Personnel Management Consultant
Subject: Karen Carlin Case Study: Issue Analysis and Proposed Solutions Date: 21 October 2010

The purpose of this memo is to analyze and propose solutions for the issues Karen Carlin faces as she takes on the supervisor role for the schedule typist department of Hepplewhite & Boyce. The three issues to be analyzed are (1) lack of productivity, (2) insubordination and abuse of company resources, and (3) staff mismanagement. First, the problems will be defined and probable causes discussed. Then, recommendations will be made to resolve these issues.

The problems identified in this memo are ones Hepplewhite & Boyce can easily resolve with a few simple actions. Doing so will not only be good for the company but will be good for the employees as well. The end goals should be as follows: (1)Increased productivity within the schedule typist department. (2)An end to the insubordination and abuse of company resources. (3)Improved management of the schedule typist staff.

The issues within the department will be explained in further detail next.
Lack of productivity
The first issue within the schedule typist department of Hepplewhite & Boyce is a lack of productivity on the part of two of the employees, Pat and Pauline. In order to do the least amount of work possible, Pat and Pauline are purposely not updating the tax schedules sent to the department by the accountants. In turn, Pat and Pauline are pressuring both Myra and the new hire, Karen, to be unproductive as well. This is clearly happening for a few reasons: 1.The schedule typists do not feel a sense of ownership or personal investment in the work. 2.There is no incentive to complete the work.

3.There is no consequence for not completing the work.
It is imperative that these issues be rectified.
Insubordination and abuse of company resources...
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