Karaoke: Teaching the World to Sing

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KARAOKE: Teaching The World To Sing

1) Using the concepts given by psychologists and the so called ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ by A. Maslow is it possible to distinguish different type of needs that makes people’s wellbeing. Apart from the basic ones, that for me can be identified as real need, like the physiologic and safety there are higher needs that we can identify as social wants. These wants can be satisfied with the interaction with other people and with social activities. Karaoke is an activity that can satisfy three different kinds of needs: friendship or belongingness, esteem and self-actualization. All of these can be identified as more emotionally-based and social activities, starting from these point so it is possible to identify other activities that can satisfy these needs. The closest is playing sports, group videogames, acting on a stage or every activity that involves staying with other people, having a challenge on who is better than the other and overcome fear to do something or also, if we consider the ones that do ‘hitokara’, activities in which is it possible to unburden and relax alone, in this way only the latter two needs are satisfied. Although is it possible to identify many other activities that can satisfy these wants, in my opinion it is not possible to find a substitute because karaoke singing is really specific activity, done during certain moments and conditions and this is the reason why it has spread so much all around the world. ITALY Trend In the last years Italian GDP shrink and nowadays we are under financial speculation with the risk of default, these vision does not lead people on using their money in recreational activities Work For Operators of karaoke places are mainly Chinese and they have a really low price strategy and these appeals new customers Karaoke industry is still empty of competitors so the possible market can be easily penetrated Work Against Karaoke box buildings must be...
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