Karachi Problems

Topics: Politics, Political philosophy, Aristotle Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: October 1, 2011
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Karachi: Political Solution or Compromise

Hamid Waheed Rajput, Faisalabad
Most of the politicians, media and intellectuals suggest political solution to the problems in Karachi but their blanket suggestions do not specify who will do it and how? We must understand that for whatever reason Pakistan’s present politics does not fit anywhere near the definition of politics “government of the people, for the people and by the people”. The essence of true politics lies in the popular leadership having public confidence making popular decision in the larger public interest. Interestingly the institution blamed the most for not letting politics grow due to long spells of dictatorship presently seem totally in supporting role of the government. A portion of media and politicians attribute all wrongs including electricity short fall on dictatorship. They may be right to some extend but now they have the opportunity and the Turkish model to rectify wrongs of the past. In Turkey the political setup proved that they can bring more strength and prosperity in institutions than was possible under military influence in past decades. The way forward for the political setup lies in crossing the limits of standards achieved previously, and to tell that they have the ability to manage institutions better. There is a need to strengthen and depoliticize the interior law enforcers. In these difficult times public is interested in present and their tomorrow. A roadmap which leads to somewhere, most of the directions shown to public lack implementation and the will of leadership. Each day they see minor promises like load shedding schedules during Ramadan being flouted. There has been number of attempts to control law and order of Karachi through political means and each time it has ended into compromise. A compromise acts as a catalyst for the mafia involved in Karachi killings. This breather...
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