Kaplan It460 Unit1

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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IT460 Unit 1 Project

Kaplan University

JAD (Joint Application Development) is a methodology which uses customer involvement. The development team works together with the customer to develop the processes that the software will support and develop the processes as to work directly with the customer’s business needs. The JAD approach was developed due to the ineffectiveness of the technique of interviewing stakeholders individually to identify requirements. The technique focused on individual input rather than group consensus. (Edwards, 2011) During JAD, workshops are held where the stakeholders and the system professions or IT specialists work together to resolve their issues and differences in a calm, peaceful environment. During the workshop an unbiased facilitator, who is not a part of the project team, oversees the project. This helps to create a positive environment that gives people the chance to learn from each other and to understand each other’s concerns. It also helps everyone involved to develop a common view of the project, which enhances user participation. There are many advantages of JAD. JAD workshops help bring experts together so they can share their views and understand the views of others, developing a sense of ownership of the project. JAD also decreases the time and costs associated with the process. It allows information to be collected and agreed upon by different system users and allows companies to customize their systems analyst process in a shorter time period, which decreases costs. The methods of JAD implementation are well known and can easily be applied by any organization. Easy integration during the workshops improves session productivity and provides systems analysts with models that are ready to use. (Wikipedia) There are also some disadvantages of JAD. Compared to other methods, JAD is more expensive and burdensome. A big disadvantage is that the members of JAD workshops are...
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