Kaplan Dalman & Lee's Management Assignment

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kaplan assignmentKandace Davison Unit 4 Assignment

Creating a new position with in the business would very beneficial for the reason that they won't have to teach the managers to much when it comes to having them be over the location managers. They will have cross trained experience. This will be good to help the location managers with the training the employees and returns or customer complaints. It will also help the business grow because they are going to have to replace those managers and also they will have people to train the new team at the new businesses. This will give the CEO's an opportunity to give more time into planning and growing the business. I mean it will bring new ideas from these managers on how to go about on hiring the replacement managers, the team leaders and the cashiers. I know that whoever they pick will keep the company values and promote them within the lower level management team. I think that is important because if the CEO's is going to have more people in between them and the lower level of management. They need to know that the company is being run they way that they intend it to go and should do monthly checks to as many stores and departments just to keep up the maintenance.

Honestly I can't think of an alternative option to put someone over the location managers right now. Its great budgeting and to promoting existing managers because they know the ins and outs of the business the employees, and the customers. So there for the common knowledge and ideas are going to be great. I think its great that to promote within the company because it will show loyalty to the existing employees. I know when I thought I was going to be in charge of a new store I was excited because I knew that I was working hard and was striving for that All Star status. But unfortunately it didn't happen and they ended up laying me off due to economy problems. I feel when an employee is rewarded by being promoted to any level its a self...
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