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Kanya Bhrun Hatya

By | November 2010
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22 Garden Close, Stamford, Lincs PE9 2YP, London, United Kingdom.


The BMW Automobile Company, congratulate you as one of our Ten (10) Star Prize winners in our 2010 International Awareness Promotion (IAP)held in London,UK.This makes you a cash Prize winner of £750,000.00 Pounds. To begin processing of your Prize Contact the WORLD COURIER DIPLOMATIC COMPANY, LONDON UK for Immediate payment. Your email ID was selected among 80,000 emails electronically which made you the confirmed and certified winner of £750,000.00 British Pounds this year’s lotto Edition for 2010.

A cheque of £750,000.00 GBP has been issued in your Favor By the BMW AUTOMOBILE COMPANY, UNITED KINGDOM, and has been deposited with our affiliated diplomatic Courier Company here in LONDON,UK with World Courier Delivery Company, London for the Diplomatic Delivery of your winning Cheque to your Located Area/State in country of residence.

You are required to contact WORLD COURIER DIPLOMATIC COMPANY, UK via email OR Call the Courier Company immediately for confirmation Contact Person: Mr. Frank Edward (Chief Dispatch Officer) forwarding you’re Full Details as states below to claim your winnings funds.

Full Name, Full Address, Age, Mobile Number, Sex, Occupation, Country of Residence. E-mail your Details to: World Courier Diplomatic Company.
Contact Address: Suit 1, Milbrook Business Park
Manchester, M23 9YJ
London, United Kingdom. Office Tel: +44...

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