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Legislative Audit Division
State of Montana

Report to the Legislature
June 2006

Information System Audit

Data Center Review

Department of Administration

This report contains five multi-part recommendations addressing:

Implementing an overall process to ensure threats to the data center are addressed.

Implementing safeguards over physical security to deter unauthorized access. Strengthening safeguards to mitigate water and earthquake-related threats.

Coordinating disaster recovery efforts.

Defining responsibilities for data center security and coordination.

Direct comments/inquiries to: Legislative Audit Division
Room 160, State Capitol PO Box 201705
Helena MT 59620-1705

Help eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in state government. Call the Fraud Hotline at 1-800-222-4446 statewide or 444-4446 in Helena.


Information System (IS) audits conducted by the Legislative Audit Division are designed to assess controls in an IS environment. IS controls provide assurance over the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of the information processed. From the audit work, a determination is made as to whether controls exist and are operating as designed. In performing the audit work, the audit staff uses audit standards set forth by the United States Government Accountability Office.

Members of the IS audit staff hold degrees in disciplines appropriate to the audit process. Areas of expertise include business, accounting and computer science.

IS audits are performed as stand-alone audits of IS controls or in conjunction with financial- compliance and/or performance audits conducted by the office. These audits are done under the oversight of the Legislative Audit Committee which is a bicameral and bipartisan standing committee of the Montana Legislature. The committee consists of six members of the Senate and six members of the House of Representatives.


Senator Joe Balyeat, Vice ChairRepresentative Dee Brown Senator John BrueggemanRepresentative Hal Jacobson Senator Jim ElliottRepresentative Christine Kaufmann Senator Dan HarringtonRepresentative Scott Mendenhall Senator Lynda MossRepresentative John Musgrove, Chair Senator Corey StapletonRepresentative Janna Taylor


Scott A. Seacat, Legislative AuditorDeputy Legislative Auditors: Tori Hunthausen,James Gillett
Chief Deputy Legislative AuditorJim Pellegrini

June 2006

The Legislative Audit Committee
of the Montana State Legislature:

We conducted an information systems audit of Data Center operations at the Department of Administration. Our audit focused on the management and protection of the central data center against physical, logical and environmental threats.

This report contains multi-part recommendations addressing: implementing an overall process to ensure threats to the data center are addressed; implementing safeguards over physical security to deter unauthorized access; strengthening safeguards to mitigate water and earthquake-related threats; coordinating...
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