Kansas Food Bank Case Analysis

Topics: Bottleneck, Choke point, Mind Pages: 3 (1221 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Present Issues:

The Kansas Food Bank in its mission statement promises to provide a comprehensive and compassionate Hunger Care whenever and wherever it is needed to families in Kansas. As a result of their mission statement, their operations have improved over the years and have grown tremendously to now serving over 85 counties within the state of Kansas, which includes over 530 hunger relief partners. Over 11 millions pounds of food was distributed just this past year. Deliveries are made to the different schools and agencies based on needs and the delivery schedule is clearly planned out by KFB administration. There’s no sign of stopping as they currently have a five-year plan that includes five more counties. This plan will be rolled out on a yearly basis for the next five years. This will add to the current distribution of 11 million pounds of food on a yearly basis. One would imagine that an operation of this magnitude and being done on a weekly basis would require more labor hours and truck space to carry out this massive scale of operations. To our surprise, they only have one truck and one driver that delivers all this amount of food. So there lies the bottleneck of this operation: they have enough food to deliver to the clients and enough clients to receive the food, but not enough manpower hours and truck space to do all the deliveries within a decent amount of time. Some of the delivery routes can take up to three days to complete. What if the truck breaks down and repair takes more time to fix than what was anticipated? What if the driver falls sick and is off for days? What would happen to the delivery operation? It was clear to us that they were putting all their eggs in one basket, in this case, one truck and one man. We were told that the driver is on the verge of a burnout since he’s been doing the deliveries all by himself for such a long time. Having to do all the deliveries by himself in a short amount of time, one can imagine the...
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