Kansas City Police

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  • Published : August 24, 2012
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How did the Kansas City Patrol Study affect routine patrol all across the nation? It affected routine patrol in the fact that It made officers realize that traditional routine patrol in marked police cars did not appear to affect the level of crime. Nor did it affect the public’s feeling of security. The experiment demonstrated that urban police departments can successfully test patrol deployment strategies, and that they can manipulate patrol resources without jeopardizing public safety.

With the killing of Osama Bin Laden, what is the biggest threat to Homeland Security today? I would say cyber attacks pose the biggest threats. Cyber attacks against companies like Lockheed Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Sony, Google, Visa and Mastercard, among others, show just how vulnerable the economy is to tech-savvy terrorists. If certain classified information gets in the hands of terrorists, who knows all the damage they can be willing to do against our country. Cyber attacks against government agencies and businesses in the United States continue to rise, and cyber threats will one day surpass the danger of terrorism to the United States

How can police departments break through the fear possessed by ethnic minorities in dealing with Law Enforcement? Well they can start by dealing with certain situations in a different matter. Some officers, not all, deal with ethnic minorities differently as they would compared to people of other races; they treat them worse. Ethnic minorities have always seen law enforcement as an enemy and probably always will. If officers can get beyond this enemy label that ethnic minorities have them labeled as, then there might be a chance of officers breaking through the fear they posses to minorities.

Is Community Oriented Policing still a relevant tool in Law Enforcement today? Explain why or why not. Indeed, community oriented policing is still a relevant tool in law enforcement today. Community policing can help police to...
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