Kano Model for Gourmet

Topics: Multiplication, Total quality management, Business terms Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: December 14, 2012

“Total Quality Management”
assignment # 2

To: Prof. Salman Bilal
ahad chaudhary (L1F10MBAM2174)

Date: 08/11/2012

Section: ‘A’

Company Introduction
In the area of Ich’chra, Lahore, GOURMET took start with a small shop. The concept of fresh, healthy and hygienic food in affordable prices achieved quick popularity among bakery customers. The bakery products for breakfast were provided in limited areas, but because of the over whelming support of the customers, GOURMET planned to expand, and now it is one of the leading brands in Bakery products. Gourmet has introduced variety of the products and improved its portfolio by adding different types of products

Current Competing Strategy
Gourmet competes on the basis of low price as compared with its competitors with an edge of quality products.

Chosen Product of Gourmet
The product chosen for the purpose of adding delight factor is “Gourmet Water”. The reason for selecting this product is that the customers are currently satisfied with this product but the condition of availability is not fulfilled as the demand of Gourmet Water is high but sometimes there is shortage of Gourmet Water, in addition, the customers have to go to specific branches of Gourmet which are selling Gourmet Water, as it is not available at all franchises of Gourmet.

Suggestion for adding Delight Factor
The idea that I would like to suggest for Gourmet is that it can provide “Home Delivery Service” of water to its customers. This facility will add the delight factor for this product as the demand of Gourmet Water is quite high. Because of the delight factor the non-fulfilled requirements of the customers will be fulfilled, which will cause the customers to be highly satisfied.

Explanation with help of Kano-Model
Even though the customers are currently satisfied with Gourmet Water, they still have to face the availability issue of the product. Therefore it can be placed in the...
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