Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer

Topics: World War I, Kane and Abel, Novel Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Kane & Abel
- Jeffrey Archer

William Lowell Kane, initially Wladak, and Abel Rosnovski, one the son of a Boston based millionaire banker, the other the penniless Poilsh immigrant- two men both born on the same day on opposite sids of the world, desired to be the best in their fields, their paths destined to cross their paths by fate to save... and finally destroy each other.Kane and Abel is a story of two men and their desire to be the best in their field. Until fate crosses their paths.

Abel Rosnovski picked the things very fast and starts to boys in his school. Baron who has lost his wife and has a son needs to pick up Abel and makes him stay with his son. There he struggles for three years until Poland is invaded by Russians. Then follows the mishap that turns wladak into Abel Rosnovski. Then he struggles from here to there. Moving and running. Finally he rached a ship that was ferrying refuges from the war to USA. There he worked hard from a waiter in a Hotel to a manager and then to the owner of a Hotel. There his fate was build with such a manner that there was no going down, but only rising high. And in the mean while he also has a family, a lovely wife and a daughter same like him, good in the business.

William Kane, son of Richard Kane, a second generation banker and the CEO of Kane and Cabot Bank. Richard was excellent at his job and is running the bank with atmost efficiency when a freek accident to the world biggest ship takes his life.Willam Kane grows up without his father and only stories of achievments of him. He sets a goal to be as successful as his father. Kane grows up with Lester, his best friend. They share a great bonding. William joins the investment banking division of Kane and Cabot with the desire to be at the helm of the Bank.

what i liked about the book is that, though the book has many pages, the stroy so thoughtfully written that you feel you are reading several books not just one. The story is so well written that...
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