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Academic Summary: Listening to the Conversation
Overview:  Students write summaries in college classes for a variety of purposes, including to demonstrate their understanding of class texts for an instructor or to introduce an argument to readers of a paper or essay. We will practice writing summaries for such academic purposes in this assignment.  Purpose The purpose of this summary is to demonstrate to your instructor that you have closely read a particular article that contributes effectively to the conversation on climate change. You will need to report, objectively and concisely, the writer's argument (thesis and key points). Audience:  Your CO327 instructor. Your reader is, therefore, very familiar with the article and will expect that you have read it closely. She will expect that your summary accurately and objectively represents the author's ideas, whether paraphrased or quoted, and that you make clear references to the article when you do so. Subject:  Choose one of the following arguments to summarize: 1. "Climate change: Now what? By Sue Russell

2. "Big foot” by Michael Specter
Strategies:  To achieve your purpose with your audience, use the following strategies. • Introduce the article at the beginning of the summary so your reader knows which article you’re summarizing. Include the author's name, the date of publication, and the publication title within the first few sentences. • Focus on the writer's argument by reporting the article's thesis and supporting reasons. Show that you understand the "big picture"—the writer's purpose and how he supports it. • To maintain the focus on the overall argument of the article, avoid giving specific examples and evidence. Feel free to generalize about the types of evidence, examples, and other strategies used by the author to support his argument. • Use author tags so that your reader understands that you are reporting the author's ideas. • Because you are writing in an...
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