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Fight Club, directed by David Fincher and released in 1999, is a thriller with elements of action, black comedy, and social satire. Jack is a man full of midlife crisis awareness, his hatred own life and everything, plus he was suffering from severe insomnia, insomnia is no longer the time to participate in the treatment of testicular cancer groups, then participate in a variety of diseases groups on addiction, just to be able to contact with the crowd. On a journey, Jack encounters a soap businessman Taylor, when he came home he found the apartment was blown up, so he call to Taylor, and was admitted to his house, the two became friends in order, they to start created "Fight Club" for find stimulation. One night, Taylor and Mara had a relationship, which makes Jack very jealous. "Fight Club" has become a national underground organization, all members of the Taylor regarded as the godfather. With the continuous expansion of the scale and the number of "Fight Club", Taylor began to incite members to destroy the social. Jack is more and more unbearable for the status of the "Fight Club" and Taylor crazy look, so he decided to alienate Taylor. However, at same time, the "Fight Club" members launched a nationwide riots, they blew a lot of buildings ...When Jack tried to stop him, he shocked to find out: "Taylor" and he is the same person, and he desperately destruction plan.

Mise-en-scene is a theater term that when applied to film refers to everything that is visible in the frame, including lighting, staging, props, and costumes. At the beginning, both two characters are in an office room, the lighting is lower key, many shadow are cast scene including color, over the characters, making it harder to see what they figure and what is happening. When Tyler pointed a gun into Jack’s mouth, we can’t know what is going to happen next and setting. The only properties we can see is a weapon of power, Gun. And people automatically assume that Jack was...
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