Kamias Soap

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This chapter presents the Methods of Research used, the Sources of Data, Data Gathering Instrument and the Data Gathering Procedure.

Methods of Research Used

The researcher utilized experimental research design to achieve its objectives in conducting this study. Experimental research is commonly used in sciences such as sociology and psychology, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. This focused on interpreting data based on the results of experiments and observation. The researcher was able to draw conclusions based on the results of tests and surveys gathered.

The researcher had followed the right proportions of materials in making the product and also the step by step procedure on how to obtain quality result. She then distributed sample products and ask some respondents to try and critic it. After gathering data from the experiment and respondents, the researcher was able to interpret the data and draw conclusions based on the data gathered.


The main source of data was from the surveys and test conducted by the researcher with the help of the respondents.

The researcher asked 10 respondents; 8 teachers, 1 laboratory technician and 1 housewife to test and evaluate the product. The respondents were asked to used the product and observe its effect on their skin. After enough days, they were asked to answer survey questionnaire which pertains to the product. They were asked to evaluate the product based on certain criteria which aim to answer the problem of the researcher. Through the data provided by the respondents, the researcher was able to interpret the results and draw conclusions.


All the data was gathered and recorded by using survey forms that were answered by the respondents. Comments, suggestions and advice from the respondents were very helpful in the improvisation of the product.

Some of the data used in this...
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