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Kaizen Application

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Applying Kaizen

To improve the learning process at DMS

Under the guidance of
Professor Harish Chaudhary

Submitted by
Rakesh Gottipati – 2010SMF6572
Akshay Modi – 2010SMF6574
Satish Kumar A – 2010SMF6505


The process of eliminating waste is called kaizen, a Japanese word that means: “change for the better,” and is typically interpretedas continuous improvement.Continuous improvement can be defined formally as“Incremental improvement of an activity to eliminatewaste, unevenness, and unreasonableness (called muda, mura, and muri in Japanese)and create more value”, where waste is any activity that adds cost but does not add value.The phrase “change for the better” impliesany change that results in improvement, which could be related to quality or otherfactors that customers judge to be of value, such as innovation, ease of use, durability, low cost, etc.

While kaizen has traditionally been applied in manufacturing settings, we have made an attempt to implement it to improve the learning process at DMS so that it can benefit existing students as well as attract the best students in future. The plan is to start small, achieve some successes, and expand to other improvement opportunities if senior management’s approval can be obtained.

Application: Improving learning at DMS
Some of the arenas of improvement are:

Learning objectives
Each course should have a vision of what is to be achieved by the end of the semester. This should translate into a learning objective for each class or assignment. This objective should be stated in writing and reviewedat the end of the class.

Content – Course Material
Course materials should be updated every year. Current business articles and cases should be incorporated into the syllabus as MBA students need greater insight into current problems and solutions.Academic rigor should be increased.Seminars by leading...

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