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Module Code| EMM2509|
Module Name| Kaizen and Team Building|
Course| M.Sc. in Engineering Manufacturing Management|
Department| Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.|

Name of the Student| Hemanth G|
Reg. No| BUB0912027|
Batch| Full-Time.|
Module Leader| Prof. B S Ajit Kumar|

M.S.Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies
Postgraduate Engineering and Management Programmes(PEMP)
#470-P, Peenya Industrial Area, 4th Phase, Peenya, Bengaluru-560 058 Tel; 080 4906 5555, website: www.msrsas.org

Declaration Sheet|
Student Name| HEMANTH G|
Reg. No| BUB0912027|
Course| EMM| Batch| Full-Time 2012.|
Batch| |
Module Code| EMM2509|
Module Title| Kaizen and Team Building|
Module Date| 10/1/13| to| 16/2/13|
Module Leader| Prof. B S Ajit Kumar|
DeclarationThe assignment submitted herewith is a result of my own investigations and that I have conformed to the guidelines against plagiarism as laid out in the PEMP Student Handbook. All sections of the text and results, which have been obtained from other sources, are fully referenced. I understand that cheating and plagiarism constitute a breach of University regulations and will be dealt with accordingly.| Signature of the student| | Date| |

Submission date stamp(by ARO)| |
Signature of the Module Leader and date| Signature of Head of the Department and date| | |


The assignment is given for the module of kaizen and team building consists of 3 parts, Part A is about implementing and sustaining Kaizen and role of management in proving leadership and resources to support kaizen activities in any organization, it shows how the over managed and under led management style (stands taken with the statement) would lead to the failure of kaizen implementation in organizations, Part B strives to show how Kaizen can be implemented in Indian SMEs and how it would help in overcoming the problems faced by the Indian SMEs, it shows us how stepping towards kaizen can bring about improvement in SMEs besides all the financial problems they face., Part C is a field work which was assigned to our group in library, where all the processes should be analyzed and strive to implement Kaizen in library, it shows that Kaizen can be implemented any were to any process and to any department to achieve good results.

Part A and Part B were completed using books and some online journals and tech blogs, an effort has been made to throw light on Kaizen, implementation, management support-leadership, three case studies are given to support the work, In part B all the problems faced by SMEs are listed and effect of kaizen in SME is shown with a case study in support and all the guidelines to implement kaizen is given, In part C field work was conducted in library and areas where kaizen was needed importantly were recognized and possible solutions are listed in the assignment.

All parts of this assignment throw light on how implementation of kaizen can change an organization and a department and all the knowledge achieved were then used to study how kaizen can be implemented in library and all the impact of kaizen in SMEs in India tells us how SMEs can be globally made competent by proper implementation of kaizen. Contents


Declaration Sheetii
List of Tablesv
List of Figuresvi

1.Kaizen and management style1
1.1 Introduction1
1.2 Successful Kaizen implementation 1 1.3 NUMMI: before and after JV 2
1.4 Loadstar failure...
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