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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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I am always wondering what is the secret of continues improvement in Japan and what motive them to be in the top of a mountain. Japanese employee perform their job as the best and highest quality .Since they believe on kaizen principle , they achieve all that and more by it. So , what is kaizen ? “kaizen” is a Japanese word which mean “continues improvement”: Definition :

The individual is in the process improvement and development is always weather this improvement in himself ,work…etc. The aims of a Kaizen organization are typically defined as:
* To be profitable, stable, sustainable and innovative.
* To eliminate waste of time, money, materials, resources and effort and increase productivity. * To make incremental improvements to systems, processes and activities before problems arise rather than correcting them after the event. * To create a harmonious and dynamic organization where every employee participates and is valued. Basic principle:

These basics work as continues cycle to get higher prodactivity: 1- Plan: set what exactly you want to improve and put standard. 2- Do: measure the standard that you guess which require your needing. 3- Check: make sure that improvement meet your needing .

4- Act: innovate to meet your require and increase it.
The basic steps to an effective kaizen event can be summarized as : plan→→do→→check→→act→→plan…etc

5S kaizen principles:
A method of creating a clean and orderly workplace that exposes waste and makes abnormalities immediately visible and help to build an environment conducive to a smooth-running process.

1- Sort:
keeping the work area space starting by classification everything. Classification means keep only the necessary materials, tools, equipment and supplies that not frequently used common storage area that you need . other matters that not used should discard them. Don’t keep things around just because you may need it . sorting is the...
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