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End of Simulation Paper
The real baby was quite an experience. I have always wanted a baby to play with, take everywhere, spend late nights with, rock it when he/she is crying, and all of everything. Bad and good. I always knew that was what I wanted. I never decided on a time frame, but I always wanted one. When I got the baby, my experience was not good, but definitely not bad. I was tired and cranky. I was on edge and just annoyed.

When the baby started crying during class, I felt embarrassed and upset. Why did it have to cry then? I felt like everyone was judging me on how well I handled it. They were judging what I looked like, how the baby looked, how I handled him crying, what I said to him, and more. I didn't want him to cause a scene, which he ended up doing anyways. I just tried to ignore people but it was pretty hard. Juniors gave me a hard tie, telling me to abuse or mistreat the baby by causing abuse that would make it shut off. Others glared at me, when my friends just smiled and said they were glad it wan't them.

I went to the doctor's office twice and there were many elder gentlemen in the store. They gave me dirty looks and scoffed at me. I was holding hands with my friend April the second time I was in there and the looks were more outrageous than the first time. The first time I went in with Lexi and she just held the door for me and sat down with me. The receptionist actually mistook the baby for a real one and thought that I was at the doctors for him. I laughed and said that I was there for me. He cried in the doctors office.

I felt uncomfortable when I had both babies on Saturday night. My obvious priority was the live baby, but I was still worried about mine. Easton was way more fun than the Real baby. Easton walked around, laughed, giggled, played with me, and danced when I sang to him. I was anxious that the babies would cry at the same time. It was cute to see Eason play with Marcus. Easton would play with a toy and then he would get scared and cry, then he would play with him again. I didn't like leaving Marcus with anyone other than myself. My sisters watched him and didn't know how to support the head properly. They didn't answer him right away when he cried. I was grateful that someone would take care of him for me.

My parents were extremely unsupportive. My mother helped a little, but made really rude and racist comments about Marcus. My step dad continuously belittled me because I had the child. He told me I needed to sleep outside and that I wasn't allowed to have my child of color under his roof. He called my hispanic child I felt like a huge burden. I hated having the child when I was around him because he would non stop make fun of my baby. I spent most of my time in my room. The whole house was excited to take Marcus home.

There are a lot of benefits of breast feeding, like the first milk that comes after you give birth is called colostrum, and it has all the nutrients that a child needs. This milk is often a gold or yellow color and is thick. The amount may seem very small however it is the right amount for the size of your baby's stomach. The nutrients in breast milk changes as your baby gets older. The colostrum turns into mature milk about 5 days after the birth of your child. It has just the right amount of fat, water, protein, and sugar to help your baby grow. It isn't as thick as colostrum, yet provides all the nutrients and antibodies he or she needs to grow up healthily. Milk straight from the breast of the mother is very easy on the baby's digestive system. The proteins in formula take adjustment time for the baby's stomach to digest them properly. Lastly, the hormones and antibodies in breast milk can not be matched in formula, so the babies on breast milk have a lower risk of getting lower respiratory infections, asthma, type 2 diabetes, and childhood leukemia.

Some disadvantages would be as follows; the mother must be ready for every feeding or provide...
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