Kaiser Rolls

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The Kaiser roll, also called a Vienna roll or a hard roll (original name: Semmel or Kaisersemmel; if made by hand also: Handsemmel), is a kind of bread roll, supposedly invented in Vienna, and thought to have been named to honor Emperor Franz Joseph. It is a typically crusty round roll made from flour, barm, malt, water and salt, with the top side usually divided in a rotationally symmetric pattern of five segments, separated by curved superficial cuts radiating from the centre outwards. Kaiser rolls are often produced by machine, as well as by hand. Kaiser rolls are traditionally found in Austria, but have also become popular in other countries, such as the United States, Poland, Canada, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, and Germany. Italian bakers, during the Austrian domination in Lombardy, produced a hollow version known as michetta or rosetta. Some Kaiser rolls are sprinkled on top with poppy seeds or sesame seeds. It is often used as a bun for sandwiches, including hamburgers, or containing a slice of Leberkäse. Kummelweck

Kummelweck, also sometimes kimmelweck or kümmelweck is a variation of the kaiser roll that is popular in Western New York. Kümmel is German for caraway, and weck comes from Weckerl, Weckle or Weckchen, which means "roll" in Austria and Southern Germany (whereas people from Northern Germany generally call all kinds of rolls and breads, including Kaiser rolls and Kummelwecks, Brötchen). A traditional kummelweck roll has a mixture of Kosher salt and caraway seeds used as the toppings. Regionally, the name kummelweck is commonly shortened to "weck" or "wick". This type of roll is used as part of a "Beef on Weck" sandwich that is served in the Buffalo, New York, and upstate area. Sliced roast beef, au jus and an optional prepared horseradish topping are used as ingredients in this type of sandwich.

Kaiser Rolls
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Kaiser Rolls are yeast-risen bread rolls made of white wheat...
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