Kai Mauer Defense Cross-Exam

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  • Published : December 9, 2011
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Kai Mauer Defense Cross-Exam (Pt.1)

Please state your first name and spell out your last for the convenience of the court. -My name is Kai Mauer. M-A-U-E-R
Are you currently enrolled at Wheeler U?
-Yes. I am currently a graduate student at Wheeler U.
Wouldn't you agree that Becca and Ryan were close friends?
-Ryan and Becca were best childhood friends, but Ryan hung out a lot with AG Prout after the two met. How well were you acquainted with AG Prout?
-I knew AG but we didn't really talk often, he seemed like a party animal, always hung over and never studying. What was your connection with Wheeler U other than your student enrollment? - I am currently a RA for Wheeler U in the Hayes Dorm.

According to your witness statement, Ryan came to you to ask about SJAC, correct? -yes, however he often came to me asking questions like this. What was your friendship like with Ryan in general?
-Ryan and I knew each other fairly well, he would ask about where the best parties were or random questions about SJAC. You attended the Wooly Wizard Festival correct?
-yes I did.
When you saw Ryan at the festival, you called out to him, correct? -yes, but he didn't respond
Would you agree that someone normally reacts to their name being called? -obviously...

(pt. 2 no answers)
1. When you first met Ryan, you described him as down to earth correct?

2. Devin always attended office hours with Becca correct?

3. And you said that Devin really admired Becca correct?

3. Devin also immediately agreed with any of Becca's comments correct?

4. Students often ask about SJAC correct?

5. However, Ryan never explicitly said that he was the one plagiarizing correct?

6. So wouldn't you say he could have been asking for a friend or a colleague?

( 7. Well if you said that he could have been referring to himself, wouldn't he have just said YES, when you asked him if someone was going to accuse him of cheating?)

5. You claimed you saw Ryan Buschell walking towards...
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