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Fertilizer industry is one of the most necessary industries a country like Bangladesh. Now a day Bangladeshi Farmers are become enthusiastic for producing more and more crops is limited land area. So demand of fertilizer is increasing day by day. As a result our fertilizer producing company needs to produce more fertilizer for meet up our domestic demand. There are more than 35 lakhs Metric ton for fertilizer we need to produce for our country but still we cannot produce at least half of our demand of product. So that private industries are needed to establish for meet up our demand of fertilizer. We have huge reserve of nature gas. Natural gas is most important for producing fertilizer. Natural gas is cheap than other country in Bangladesh. We have skilful worker and all production resources are cheap in our country. So production process continuality is must is our country. While our most of the fertilizer company, which are govt., owned they are closing day by day. So government is falling under pressure for fertilizer during harvesting period. Government are loosing huge amount of foreign currency for importing fertilizer. As a result our economy are become depends on foreign production of fertilizer.

The following report is prepared on KAFCO, which is the largest among locally established fertilizer producing company. It is the only one company is the field of producing fertilizer, which is making profit day by day and producing above their capacity. The main objective of the study is to evaluate marketing and distribute principles practices is KAFCO as well as overall performance of KAFCO.


The main objective of the study is to evaluate, the production, marketing, accounting financial principles as well as overall performance of KAFCO. The crucial objective is never damage the environment culture develops private and public partnership will be no operating by the government. Most special objectives of the study are shown in the below.

• To know about the company profile
• To know about the mission of the company
• To know about the vision of the company
• To gather information about their financial performance • To measure their productivity
• To evaluate the role of KAFCO is the creation of employment.


The study has been conducted subject to certain limitations. Time constraint is one of the major limitations. I have been allowed only one day for the industrial tour, which is not enough to study and industry in depth.

In addition to the above, our sample enterprise is a private limited company, which does not provide actual annual report and all sophisticated information. So they provide us approximate amount of required data. They are concerned about their competitor sensitivity in the field of fertilizer production organization. Other important reasons are as follows:

i) Most of the official was so much busy to provide me enough time. ii) Difficult to contact with all top management
iii) Lack of enough financial support.

In spite of these limitations, I have tried my best to pinpoint various finding and to provide he students and researchers of tomorrow with valuable information.


Basically KAFCO never face crucial problem for exporting fertilizer all over the world. Some problems identified these are:

i) Economic side: Trade policy, trade relation with other country, exchange rate, tax, duty tariff and others. ii) Cultural side: Language, Labor wages, working attitudes, education and dexterity etc. iii) Political instability.

iv) Geographical side: Non-availability and non-frequency of transportation, transportation cost.


The scope of the study was confined. One of the most renowned enterprise “Karnaphuli Fertilizer Co. Ltd. The methodology...
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