Kadayan Culture and Rituals

Topics: Marriage, Family, Husband Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: April 15, 2013
While in badiang, the women should not go out anywhere to prevent from the sickness (kamboh). All the housework is made by the men. Other than that, they must hang fish head or the lime stem to frighten the supernatural things. Badiang will take 44 days. 2.URI/TABUNI

Husband will hang or bury the tabuni after it has been clean by the nurse (bidan). Every evening one of the family member should perform tangas until the badiang period is finish. For the kadayan, this tabuni is a sister or brother for the baby but without the body. 3.BERCUKUR CEREMONY/BAPAPAT JAMBUL

This ceremony is influence by the muslim religion which by it’s consist of berzanji( badikir). The hair which has been cut will be place in the coconut. The main purpose for this ceremony is to thank for the good with the given of the child. BERKHATAN/BASUNAT

It performs with a lot of numbers of children. Before the children basunat, they will be bath by the elders following the ritual called bangkit kudarat. This ritual is to strengthen the spirit of the children. Basunat also influence by the muslim religion. WEDDING

The parents from male side will go the female house to see the female’s parents to ask either their daughter is still “available”. The arrangement is made up by the parents and usually, the bride to be never seeing each other. 2.BERTUNANG/BATUNANG

The parents from male side will send a ring to the female as the symbol that she already someone belonging. All the condition in kadayan wedding ceremony will be discuss and the request is located in female’s parent’s hand. The decision for asking of langkah sungai,langkah laut,langkah bandul need to be told to the male side. Apart from that the duit hantaan and also hantaran perkahwinan ( antatan patunangan) also need to be discuss. If the female side doesn’t want to have others gift except duit hantaan, they can perform tabas. 3.HANTARAN PERKAHWINAN/...
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