Kabayani Park

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  • Published : February 17, 2012
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Juliet B. Alan


Learning a skill must begin with a meaningful situation. The meaning and significance of a skill to be learned must be concrete and clear to the learners. One of the subject integrated in Makabayan is Sibika/Hekasi. Since, some concepts or skills to be taught to the learners in Makabayan is about history and for the pupils/learners to have a better understanding about historical events/spots in our country it is therefore necessary for the “history” to be displayed for study not only because it is essential to individuals and to society but it also harbors beauty. It is for this reason that having a KABAYANI PARK in the schools is really of great help in the teaching-learning process.


KABAYANI PARK is a place of study where objects of historical spots/events, Filipino values, traditions, customs, cultural heritage, tourist spots, and even artistic interest are seen and exhibited in the school for the benefit of the teachers, pupils, and even the community. It provides an ideal learning participation or passive observation. It enables the teachers most especially the pupils to explore collections for inspiration, learning and enjoyment.


It provides educational devices in the school.

It serves as an educational resources and makes learning a fun and

memorable experience in the teaching-learning process.

It supports teachers in the delivery of their classroom instruction in Makabayan.

It enhances pupils experience and appreciation about the cultural background of the

people in the past and historical events that happened in the country before.

It motivates and captures the pupils’ interest to participate actively in classroom

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