Jwd Consulting Initiating Phase

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JWD Consulting_Group1_Initiating Process

Business Case (pre-initiating)
Introduction: Core Business goalproviding world class PM consulting services to various organizations. CEO: Joe Fleming (believes the firm can streamline operations and increases business by providing info related to PM)PMO: Erica Bell •Objectives: Strategic Goal includes continuing growth and profitability. Intranet site project will support these goals by increasing visibility of the firm’s expertise to current and potential clients by allowing client and public access to some sections of intranet. Reducing internal cost to providing standard tools, techniques templates and PM knowledge to all internal consultants.

Knowledge AreaInitiating ProcessOutputs
Project Integration ManagementDevelop Project CharterProject Charter Project Communication ManagementIdentify StakeholdersStakeholder Register Stakeholder Management Strategy

Financial Analysis (pre-initiating)
$140,000 (project manager working about 20 hrs per week for six months and others 60 hrs per week for six Months. Staff manager $50 an hr. others $70 an Hr.
$10000 for software and services
$40000 for maintenance each year
Project benefits are based on a reduction in hours consultants spend researching project management information, appropriate tools and templates.

Stakeholder Register (initiating)
It is a document that includes details related to the identified project stakeholders. Erica has not included some sensitive information about stakeholders in the register like how strong they will support.

Stakeholder management strategy (initiating)
Joe Fleming has a high level of interest and a high interest of influence •Joe likes to stay on top of key project and make money, have a lot of short face to face meetings and focus on achieving the financial benefits of the project. •Louise Mills has a low level of interest and a high level of influence. •Louise has a lot of things on her plate and...
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