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Topics: Network topology, Optical fiber, Network address translation Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: April 25, 2013
I have been assigned to upgrade the JWC hospital network. I have conducted a site survey and the the network consists of six hundred workstations and five shared servers that run Solaris. telemedicine units have already been purchased in order to connect with 5 rural clinics for video diagnostics and conferences. Determining the appropriate bandwidth for the hospital to use this service is important. Existing network infrastructure and physical layout.

The topology of the network is mostly switched, star wired bus using 100base-T technology. Some areas in the network are using hubs instead of switches for small workgroups. There's a gateway supporting the email and online medical searches. The WAN uses Digital Data Service (DDS) with a transmission rate of 56Kbps. This was the standard for many years but speeds are not ideal for a large network. This will be upgraded to more suitable technology. There is a firewall that prevents unauthorized access from the PSTN connection to the hospital network. New Services Required

Virtualization will combat the growth of space needed by additional servers. By installing virtual servers we will enable the hospitals need for growth as the accumulation of data requires more storage. Installing virtual servers also reduce maintenance because there is no physical machine. These virtual servers can be manned with the same personal and not too difficult if any problem arises. The star wired bus topology is very common among medium to large companies. It's easy to maintain and is connected to a single point. If that single point is compromised or fails it can be relatively simple to replace and is easy to maintain. My team and I will be replacing this method with a partial mesh topology. Partial-mesh Topology

Implementing a mesh topology is very complex and costly. It's ideal for companies that require 100 percent fault tolerance and zero to no downtime. In the case of the hospital with emergencies happening at any...
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