Juveniles Should Not Be in Adult Prison

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Prison Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Due to sudden increase in youth crime rate in 90’s, many states started to put juveniles to the adult court believing that this could bring down the crime rate. Some studies showed that starting to put youth in adult prisons helped the crime rate go down, but had no effect on violent crime rate. Many voices came up for easing the law for juveniles to not to be sentenced as adults due to decrease in youth crime rate from 2000. On the other hand, some people say that sentencing juvenile criminals as adults can make citizens feel safe from those criminals. I believe that the people under eighteen years old should never be tried and sentenced as adults, because not like the adults’ brains which are known to be fully developed, juveniles’ brain structure has potential for growth, juvenile system has better facilities and environment for the juveniles than adult prisons, and there is a risk of recidivism for those juveniles who were tried as adults. Firstly, not like the adults’ brains which are known to be fully developed, juveniles’ brain structure has potential for growth. Thus, juveniles should not be considered as adults when they are being tried or sentenced. Many studies about brains of people at different ages have been done to find difference between among them. Mark Hansen (2010) notes that psychosocial capabilities such as judgment and resistance to peer pressure are in the stage of development during early adulthood. This implies that different outcomes can be observed when adults and juveniles are put in some situation. For example, teenagers have very strong tendency of trying what they observe, whereas for adults, even with the observation, they tend to think consequences before they act. Knowing that the juveniles are still in the development of growing, they should not be treated as adults who are considered to be completely developed and experienced. Another study showed that how adults are different from adolescents. Radell Hunter (2010) stated that...
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