Juveniles and Crime

Topics: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Criminology Pages: 4 (1120 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Juveniles and Crimes
Brandi Haney
Sean Wallace
March 3, 2013
Juveniles and Crimes
Juveniles commit a lot of crimes and much of it is because of influences and or surrounded lifestyles. Majority of the crimes committed by juveniles are violent crimes but the main ones involve drug abuse and simple assault. Juveniles account for 17 percent of all arrest according to the FBI and 15 percent of those arrest were due to violent crimes. ( Juvenile Crime, 2001 2003)

Overall the crimes rates have decreased, but the females who were under 18 and minorities had higher crime rats than men did and they were the contributing factor to the majority of the arrest. In 2001 there was an increase in drug abuse violations. Increase of violations would mean an increase arrest rate and also no decrease in the crime rate. It would only add to it.

The all time high for simple assault was in 2001 and females made up 28 percent of all juvenile arrest. Males were only 8 percent of the overall juvenile arrest. The juvenile arrest that happened involved primarily white youth. The y accounted many Hispanics as white youth as well.

Juveniles Court
Juveniles courts vary majorly from adults courts. Juveniles process is as listed; detention hearing then fact finding hearing, after that they have the petition and respondent and next they have the adjudication and finally the involved/ delinquent. The juveniles usually and generally will not get a jury. Their court hearings are closed off to the public for the convenience of their privacy and mainly due to their age. Bails are generally not allowed nor set for juveniles/minors. For minors to get out of jail before their entire process is over they must prove to the judge that they are not a flight risk and that they are not a danger or threat to society and their community. When juveniles commit smaller mes a lot of the time they are punished worse than an adult would be...
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