Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections
University of Phoenix
November 21, 2012

Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections
The following research will discuss the juvenile process system. Starting with the intake process it will discuss each step of the process and the options the defendant will be given. There are concerns and certain weaknesses the process has where it may give opportunity of unlawful and informal negotiation may be occurring. It will also further discuss the considered factors that will determine the juvenile’s sentence. A recent example of the juvenile process is the case of the victim Michael Brewer, which was set on fire by five other teenagers in 2009 over a 40 dollar video game debt. Three out of the five accused were waived to adult court awaiting a criminal trial. Matthew Bent who initiated the burning of Michael Brewer requested a new trial on the grounds of jury misconduct. On October 2012 Deerfield Beach judge denied the request for insufficient evidence. In this particular case the accused crime were considered severe and were waived to adult court where they are less concerned in rehabilitation and more concerned in sentencing a proper punishment for their crimes. The victim was ignited using rubbing alcohol and has suffered severe psychological impact from the even. According to Sun-Sentinel (2012) “He remembered the cool feeling of rubbing alcohol splashing on him. He remembered the burning sensation, the impulse to run and jump into the pool. He remembered wanting to stay in the water and seeing the first results of the horrific attack he'd just endured.” Matthew Bent is suspected to attacking Michael Brewer for several reasons such as, forcing the victim to purchase an item, snitching, and attempting to steal Michael Brewers fathers bicycle. Denver Jarvis an accomplice to the crime pored rubbing alcohol on Michael Brewer. On October 13, 2009 all the suspects were taken in to custody. On November 10,...
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