Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections

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Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections
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Juvenile Justice and Process Systems

Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections
In Henderson NV, Colleen M., who is 15, has been arrested for the homicide of her next door neighbor. Colleen was arrested on the probable cause that she through a liquid substance on the neighbor during an altercation over an ongoing dispute over Colleen’s dog. Colleen was transported to the Clark County Juvenile Hall for intake and booking on a homicide hold. During the intake process Colleen underwent an examination by a detention center nurse and was required to submit to a drug and alcohol screening. She was read her Miranda Rights, despite previously being informed of her right to remain silent and to have an advocate or legal representation to be present during any questioning. A Juvenile Assistant District Attorney will review the facts known and discovered at the time of initial intake, collected directly from Colleen during the interview, and any investigative findings that maybe discovered. The facts learned from Colleen and the detectives show that Colleen has had an ongoing and escalating feud with the victim regarding her dog. Colleen has not had any prior arrests or contacts with the law, despite possessing a disregard for authority, which was discovered through Colleen’s admission that she has run away from her Aunts home on more than one occasion. The lack of any evidence that Colleen intended to kill her neighbor, lead to her being charged with Involuntary Manslaughter NRS 200.070 (F). According the Nevada Revised Statute 200.070 Involuntary Manslaughter is the “killing of a human being, without any intent to do so, in the commission of an unlawful act, or a lawful act which probably might produce such a consequence in an unlawful manner” (Nevada Revised Statutes, 2012). Colleen was remanded into juvenile detention while awaiting her trial due to the nature of her crime and her admitted...
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