Juvenile Justice: Key Players and How They Affect Outcomes

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  • Published : February 7, 2012
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Donna Green
January 16, 2012
Unit 6 Project

Kaplan University
Professor: Amy Ng
Juvenile Justice CJ420

Often times we hear about juveniles being placed in the justice system and never hear any thing else about them. On the other hand, we may wonder what happened or how are they doing? We know there is a Juvenile system and for some of us we have no idea who is in charge of what. We do not know the behind the scenes of how the juveniles are cared for so they will learn from their mistakes, mature and move on in a more productive life style. We are going to look at some of the key players in the world of juvenile justice and how do they affect the outcome of our juveniles. The first professionals that we are going to look at are the police. The police have the first contact with juveniles when they have found themselves in trouble. The police either get involved from a phone call from a citizen complaint to report trouble or may in fact see trouble as it unfolds. The police has the discretion to interview the juvenile and release, reprimand and release to the community, issue a citation and refer the juvenile to juvenile court or the police officer may issue the juvenile a citation, refer to court and take the juvenile to a correctional facility. “In general the wishes of the complainant and the nature of the offense carry weight on a police officers decision to arrest. If the matter is serious, the police have a moral obligation to take the juvenile into custody. If the complainant wishes to not press charges a serious matter may result in no arrest”. “Research has shown that juveniles who have a proper level of respect for authority and the public and have very little or no prior trouble with the police and have what they would deem as parents who care about and enforce structure to their children. These juveniles would stand a better chance of not going through the system and being dealt with on an unofficial basis”. The police can...
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