Juvenile Justice

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Prison Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: February 5, 2013
The Juvenile Criminal Justice System and Adult court system have many simalities and differences. While the Juvenile Justice system is more concerned with rehabilitation of the Juvenile so he wont contine with more crime when he become an adult , the adult court sytem is looking look to punish the adults with more harsh time, and consequences. They share similarlites such as procedural safeguards to protect their rights and also they both have the right to councel to help defend they self. Even though both court system are ment to rehabilate and punish or detour criminal from more crimal behavior we need they both to keep America safe and to contine our pursuit of happiness. The juvenile justice system and the adult justice system share their commonalities and differences. For example, the juvenile justice system makes it the point to rehabilitate instead of punishing juvenile delinquents. However, one must take into consideration that punishment is still a feasible concept within the juvenile system, but it is used prudently as a “last resort.” In instances of punishment for a teenager who is accused of an atrocious crime, he or she may be tried as an adult (Goldstein, 2007). According to Dr. Goldstein (2007) there are some similarities between the two justice systems as he states that “the police, judiciary, and corrections have discretion relative to decision making in both systems.” For those adults and juveniles that admit guilt there is a system of procedural safeguards to protect their rights. Additionally, other commonalities between the age separated groups include plea bargaining, as well as the right to hearings and appeals. However, when adults are tried for crimes, they are tried in the adult court, while juveniles are tried in the juvenile court. Other differences exist, as Goldstein (2007) further states that “juvenile proceedings are not viewed as criminal,” and that “juvenile records, court hearings, etc. are confidential and not normally...
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