Juvenile Delinquency in India and Legal Methods to Compact It.

Topics: Psychology, Juvenile delinquency, Behavior Pages: 3 (1178 words) Published: June 4, 2011
India is perhaps the only country in the world which has the dubious distinction of having maximum number of laws to regulate the conduct of society. It is the only country where almost all aspects of human behavior i.e. behavior with human beings, behavior with animals (both domestic & wild) with nature & environment etc. all are sought to be governed by laws rather than through education or innate enlightenment which is the preserve of every egalitarian society. Should we study or not? Should we know something or not? Are prescribed by laws such as right to education, right to information etc. We even have framed laws for such a subtle issue as to how should we respect our aged parents and what consequences would befall on us on default. Thus there is a plethora of laws on virtually all subjects/aspects of human behavior. It is difficult to say if this state of affairs is symptomatic of a healthy state of our society or an ailing state needing urgent treatment. In common parlance a person dependent on a huge cache of medicines is assumed to be ill or not keeping good health and not a healthy being. Though totaling ruling out the use/consumption of medicines ever in one’s life is also utopian wishful thinking defying logic , excess of anything however good is equally bad. This way we are not being educated in real sense but domesticated like animals which definitely is not a good sign of a progressive society. But what is dismaying is that in spite of a galore of laws created (nigh manufactured) at every bout of sneeze to regulate the conduct of people, the social scenario of our country is far from being heart warming or satisfactory.  There has been a spiraling rise in crimes in our country which is symptomatic of our social decadence rather than betterment. While this general decadence is a disturbing phenomenon engaging attention of the whole nation, the recent spurt in cases of so called Juvenile...
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