Juvenile Delinquencies

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Adult Crime, Adult Time Analysis
Through out the past there have been many cases that have presented the problem of convicting children. Many can argue that children are too young to understand the effects and reasons for the crimes they commit so the juvenile system is an effective system. Others, like this author, argue that the punishment young children are receiving in juvenile facilities for violent crimes do not punish them fairly or help them learn from their actions. In her essay “Adult Crime, Adult Time,” Linda J. Collier is presenting her view on the outdated laws concerning the age of which a person is considered to be a juvenile in the judicial system. She argues that the juveniles committing the most violent crimes are not being effectively punished for their actions, due to the juvenile system existing today. Collier constructed a very persuasive essay supporting this topic through her credibility from working with the children in the juvenile system, logos, and diction, which all draws the audience to see the author’s standpoint and to help support her perspective of the need for change.

Collier uses many facts and logical appeals in order to influence her audience to agree with, or at least understand, her reasoning for her view on this subject. Her strongest piece of logos that she incorporates, which also relates to the title of her essay, is when she exclaims that, “Children who knowingly engage in adult conduct and adult crimes should automatically be subject to adult rules and adult prison time” (535). She intends for this to show that it is only logical that if someone, no matter what age, were to consciously commit what she refers to as an “adult crime,” their punishment should be equivalent to the severity of their actions. Collier included that they if they were “knowingly engag[ing] in adult crime,” it is only fair that they pay the same “adult prison time,” because children who commit these violent crimes know the brutality of...
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