Juvenile Death Penalty

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  • Published: April 5, 2013
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Monsurat Faronbi
CLA 1000
Professor Meyer
March 21, 2012
Ancient Olympia vs. Modern day Olympic
The Ancient Olympic games has different series of athletic competitions; which were held at various city-states of Greece in other to honor the Zeus. The exact origins of the games are shrouded in myth and legend but records indicated that they began in 776 BCE in Olympia in Greece. They were celebrated until 393 AD when Theodosius I as part of the campaign to impose Christianity as state religion suppressed them. The games were usually commenced every fours years, at Olympia. During the celebration, a sacrifice was made to the God so that the contestants could travel safe from their countries to the games. The prizes for the athletes were wreaths of laurel leaves. The ancient Olympics were rather different from the modern games. There were fewer events, and only free men who spoke Greek could compete. In addition, a slave could not compete in the Olympia games. The games were always held in the same place, which was at the Olympia rather than alternating to different locations, as is the tradition with the modern Olympic games. There are more games in the modern day Olympic. Athletes compete in different games, there are many games that an individual can choice to participate in. There are two seasons summer and winter Olympic. In the events, the athletes can win the gold, silver, or bronze medal. The winner of the modern day Olympic can have the opportunity to make money by advertising on the television. events, famous athletes and also give example of how it’s practiced. There is one major commonality between the ancient and modern games, the victorious athletes are honored, feted, and praised. Their deeds were heralded and chronicled so that future generations could appreciate their accomplishment. In this essay I will conduct a research about the Ancient Olympic and Modern day Olympic. I will compare and contrast, give examples and use a quote....
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