Juvenile Crime

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Some similarities are that both courts issues sanctions, courts plea bargaining is often an option, the defendant has a due process rights in addition to unreasonable searches and seizures rights. Juvenile and adult offender receive Miranda rights at time of arrest.(Bartollas, Miller. 2008). Both courts use proof beyond a reasonable doubt as a standard for guilt or innocence. Boot camps is an option for both juveniles and adult offenders. Juvenile and adult courts have their crimes classified as either misdemeanors, felonies or infractions. Some of the differences between the juvenile and adult court system is that at the juvenile level parents have a very active role. The juvenile system refers to juvenile as delinquents, truants, orphans, or runaway there is a detention hearing in the juvenile system as opposed to a bail hearing in the adult system. (Juvenile Courts, 2009) A minor is referred to as a respondent, and in adult court they are referred to as a defendant, only in rare cases there is no jury trial in juvenile court. In juvenile court minors are placed on probation for longer periods than adults. (Bartollas, Miller, 2008)

The intermediate systems, provide a mechanism that allows States to impose strict, adult sanctions on juveniles or young adults convicted of violent crimes, while maintaining a rehabilitative focus. Participation in youthful offender-type programs is an option for offenders deemed by a judge to deserve one last chance before being sent to an adult facility. Youthful offenders are able to reach these intermediate systems, typically components of adult corrections departments, when an adult criminal court judge suspends a regular adult criminal sanction for a juvenile waived to criminal court or when a young adult convicted of a crime is believed to be particularly amenable to rehabilitation. (Juvenile Justice Reform, n.d.) One of the major drawbacks in developing this intermediate system would be allowing juveniles that have...
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