Juvenile Crime

Topics: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Criminology Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Future lost under the burden of juvenile folly

By Akshita
While this general decadence is a disturbing phenomenon engaging attention of the whole nation, the recent spurt in cases of so called Juvenile delinquency has however rung ALARM BELLS in our society and needs to be addressed to with desired urgency and promptitude. We follow the dictum “CHILDREN OF TODAY ARE LEADERS OF TOMORROW” and love them and try to provide full facilities for their growth and development accordingly. But paradoxically enough, the more we care for them the more we suffer despondency and despair. From minor acts of abuse, fights, theft etc they have now graduated to commit as heinous and serious crimes as Rape, Robbery, and Murder, which suggests there is something radically wrong with our socio-legal dynamics. It is not that this trend of extra ordinary behavior among children pertains to delinquent acts only. In fact children below 12 yrs of age have done us proud in other areas of activities with a display of rare talent and genius. So it could not be said that has been a down slide only in their behaviour, but the overall picture that emerges now before us suggests in unequivocal terms that there has definitely been some perceptible change in the behaviour of our youth both ways which indeed is beyond our comprehension. There may be a myriad causes and reasons for this changing trend. The blitz raging impact of cinema and T.V may be one of the prominent reasons influencing the minds of our children. The constraints of both the parents in job not being able to pay adequate attention to their children or the company of their peers etc. It is therefore high time that social scientists and legal jurists paid heed to this fast emerging phenomenon and revisited our acts such as JUVINILE JUSTICE ACT etc by making amendments accordingly or else we would ourselves be responsible for spoiling our children and bringing society to dogs. In 2007, National Crime Records Bureau made...
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