Juvenile Court Systems and How Crime Is Corrected as a Minor

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Juvenile Court Systems and how Crime is corrected as a Minor

Juvenile Court Systems were developed for minors, under the age of eighteen, that have committed some sort of crime. Minors under the age of eighteen are separated from the adults because of the maturity level and strength of adults.

Juvenile Crime Issues throughout the Criminal Justice System

Throughout the world, there are many crimes that are being committed by children known as juveniles (children under the age of eighteen). Most of the crimes that are committed are similar to those that are committed by adults (people that are above the age of eighteen). These juveniles are being prosecuted for the same crimes as an adult and the punishments are also similar, if not the same extent, to the adults. The justice system uses juvenile detention facilities for minors until they are of age to be put in the prison facilities with the adults. There have been children as young as the age of seven that has been convicted for killing people, stealing, vandalism, and other illegal. One of the major issues that the justice system is facing with juveniles today is the problem with getting them to obey their parents and refusing to abide by their parent’s rules that have been set for their house hold. Many juveniles are facing these issues due to the lack of support from their parents also. There are some families that have unstable structures within the home, which is where minors repeat the same offences as the parents. For example: If you have an adult that is constantly committing the same crime but the adult is not getting caught, then more than likely the minor that lives in the home will do the same thing. Although the adult is not getting caught, the minor may not be so fortunate.

The Differences between Juvenile Court Systems and Adult Court Systems

There are two major types of court systems throughout the world. The court systems are juvenile court and adult court. There are different...
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