Juvenile Boot Camps and Alternatives to Uncontrollable Behavior

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Boot camp, Adolescence Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: November 9, 2008
Juvenile Boot Camps and Alternatives to Uncontrollable Behavior Juvenile boot camps are privately run businesses that acclaim that they are an alternative or intervention to prevent and deter jail sentencing. Jail, sometimes is the better way to go, instead of some of these death camps, children are being harmed and mistreated in boot camps. Seeking alternative means of controlling and depleting poor behavior is the answer. It is through research, investigation and constant contact with the facility or program in which a troubled child is placed that one will see improvement and changes for the better. “The Basic Belief: They Can Be Helped” (Gross.1997) In some camps children can learn and may be changed and live a better existence than they had previous to this experience. Some teens are not that fortunate, they are beaten and abused, and yes; there are even cases in which death has occurred at camp. In one certain camp a boy became dehydrated and fell ill to exhaustion and died. “Investigators also found that owners and employees were seldom sent to prison when teenagers died in their care.” (Schemo.2007) It amazes how people show such flagrant disregard towards human life and the treatment of teenagers at these types of camps. Instead of parents wanting what is best for their children, they just want them put of the way and supervised. More or less, the parents need daycare for the teen, but at protection levels that include seclusion and distance from the home. Teens expect a certain amount of safety and assuredness that they are being cared for by professionally trained individuals, that are equipped to deal with their psychological, physical, and possible chemical dependency issues. Yet these facilities are armed with recent drill sergeants and retired military personnel. Some of the qualifications in personnel might be an asset to such ran boot camps, but the staff needs to include such personnel as psychologists, nurses, doctors and...
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