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Challenge Questions for Chapter 6:

1. Is Sgt. Kelly making best use of her time?

It is particularly important to assign and review cases to her investigators, so she is

carrying out her duties as a sergeant. But, I think she should learn how to manage her

time to accomplish the most important in a short time as in order to have time for other


2. How can Sgt. Kelly address the specific needs of the problem investigators?

She has to set priorities to her two investigators and demand them to make the best use of

the time available. She has to let them know that every piece of work must be done

professionally and adequately.

3. Should Sgt. Kelly stop reviewing cases and trust that her investigators are doing a good job?

If she doesn’t read the investigator’s cases, she will not notice how productive or

effective they are. But, if she has any investigator that are highly experience and useful,

then she can prevent from reading it.

4. Is there a more efficient method to review cases that would take less time?

She can divide the cases into two parts and assign task to another officer. Furthermore,

she can take the exact same amount of time reading the cases each day. This method will

help her to minimize stress and lead enough time to for other things absolutely.

5. Should Sgt. Kelly he entering disposition data into the department’s computerized record system?

For the reason that every document contains important information, it needs to be stored for future purposes.

6. Sgt. Kelly learned to manage her time from the previous detective supervisor. She respected his supervisory skills and appreciated his mentoring, but she is questioning whether the way he used his time is effective for her. Is it acceptable for her to change the way she uses her time?

If she find other technique that will help her to control her time and accomplish more

with less effort, she is able to change her mode.
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