Justinian I and Byzantine Empire

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Emperor Justinian revived the Byzantine empire through his military triumphs, legal work, ecclesiastical polity and architectural activity and creating the Justinian Code. He was the sixth century emperor, and the only one who established an aristocracy by choosing men of humble birth as his closest advisors; for he wanted to work with honest and true people. His inner craving caused him to aggressively expand the empire and restore the Byzantine Empire to the prosperity comparable to the original Roman Empire. Justinian's conquests expanded Byzantine to expand the empire all across the Mediterranean. His armies invaded the Vandal, Ostrogothic, and Visigothic kingdoms in turn, and, in a series of bitter wars, he reconquered much of the Mediterranean lands of the West (Document 6). Justinian's campaigns extended territory to its largest size ever for the Byzantine Empire. Justinian also created many new cities to revive Byzantine (Document 1). These cities

In order to ensure the safety of Constantinople, Justinian built many fortifications and ports throughout his reign. Within 527-565, he managed to build all the necessary fortifications and protect Constantinople (Document 5). An additional document on the fortifications and other buildings he built would have been an excellent addition to this DBQ. Trade thrived during Justinian's reign, and Byzantine art and architecture flourished. However, the empire's funds were used up by the high cost of the wars and improvements that took place under Justinian. As a result, the empire was bankrupt when he died in 565 A.D. Justinian's reign ended in 565 A.D., due to his death. The last 10 years of his reign was spent trying to fend off both the Persians and a whole host of barbarian tribes that threatened the integrity of the Empire both in Asia and in Byzantine Italy. By his death, Justinian had reconquered nearly the entire Mediterranean empire once held by Rome
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