Justin Bieber and Beowulf

Topics: Hero, Justin Bieber, Usher Pages: 4 (1814 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Lilit Babikian
Mr. Spang
English 12A/Period (1)
7 December 2012
JB and B
Hero, one who sacrifices his own life for the love he has for others. This man is one of our main heroes in our society. Not only because he supports over twenty charities, he also donates to many food banks and supports many school that are struggling with the nation wide budget cuts. The “he” I am referring to is a 19-year-old teen heartthrob named Justin Bieber. He has saved so many lives by just being a sincere, kindhearted person. His net worth is 110 million plus dollars, but he does not use that money just on his family and himself, he uses more than a quarter of it to help out others who are in need. He helps children and their families by paying a portion if not all of their serious medical bills, by taking time off his schedule to go and visit all the children who are suffering from cancer and other life taking sicknesses and disease but are still huge Bieber fans and by doing the best he can to keep all his fans happy. Justin Bieber and Beowulf are similar in many ways but the most obvious similarity they have is that they both are heroes of their society. Justin Bieber and Beowulf are heroes because they are risking their life for others, they help people in need, and because they cannot stand the fact that something happened to someone out there knowing that they could have helped and saved that persons life. Heroes appear during times of worry and need. Beowulf is not only a hero because of his strength but rather one who puts his life on the line for an entire kingdom. Orrin E. Klapp says that: “If a composite were made of heroes such as Achilles, Beowulf, Siegfried, and Cuchulain, one would come out with a type of hero who was very strong, who was always winning over opponents, and who, with certain exceptions, appeared to be invincible and invulnerable. We might designate such a type as the Conquering Hero. It would be possible to indicate his character best by...
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