Justin Bieber

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  • Published : February 14, 2011
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Never say Never was one of the most inspirational movies I've EVER seen, and i don't think I'll ever see one that beats it. Every day i hear hateful comments on Justin, things like " He's gay" " He sounds like a girl" " he's so fake" And all this stuff, haters can go ahead and hate, but if you actually took a second too stop the hating, and listen too the words that come out of Justin's mouth, listen too his songs, watch his movie, I promise you'd see him from a whole new perspective. I always thought Justin Bieber was just some hot Canadian that had a good voice, but he's so much more. He's given up so much for his fans, it's unbelievable. He'd rather sing his heart out at a concert then lay down when he's sick, he puts the people he loves first, and that's all that should matter. You cant judge someone by looks, by voice, by one word you hear. To judge someone, you need too get too know them, understand what they've been through, understand all they've given up for others, understand how amazing and loving they truly are. Sometimes I get so upset when people try too talk down on him, and insult him, but they're only ruining themselves, sure maybe a few people think its funny, but that's your opinion, and I bet if you really listened too yourself, you'd be ashamed at how much you put down a kid who's given up tons just for his fans, a kid who lives for the people he loves, a kid who doesn't care what the haters say. He's worked for this his whole life, This is his career, this is his dream, this is his everything. Money doesn't matter, fame doesn't matter, and he doesn't let it get too his head. I've never had an inspiration before.. and You know how Justin inspires Michael Jackson, Usher, and all the others? Well I'm proud too say he inspires me. I have 3 dreams in my lifetime that I know if I hope and pray enough, they can come true. My most important dream is for my dad too quit drinking and fight his cancer and live the rest of his life without having too...
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